Understanding Wills, Drafting a Will

A Will is the legal declaration by a person, often referred to as the Testator or Devisee, as to what he or she wants to happen to their possessions and/or property, real and personal, upon their death. It also states who they want to distribute their possessions. The person chosen […]

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Small Claims

If you can not resolve your issue with the other party outside of the Legal Justice System or mediation, you might want to file the matter in Small Claims Court. Small Claims Court is often referred to as the “People’s Court”. This is due to the fact that most people […]

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An issue that follows divorces, when children are involved, is visitation or what the courts now like to call “parenting schedules”. Parenting schedules allow parents to spend time with their children, especially for the non-custodial parent (the parent that does not have physical custody). Visitation can be either supervised or […]

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Legal Advice on Divorces

Divorce is the final termination of the union between two people. It terminates the legal duties and obligations that the parties agree to when they entered into the bonds of marriage. Divorce differs from an Annulment, which declares the marriage never existed and that the marriage was null and void. […]

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What is Custody

So you want to have a better understanding of What is Custody?  Great, let’s get started!  When we talk about Custody we need to understand what types of Custody there is. Physical Custody The first type is Physical Custody. Physical Custody is where the child resides, where the child physically […]

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How Do You Get Child Support?

When matters involve minor children, often Child Support is an issue. According to the Department of Revenue (DOR) in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, “every child has the legal right to receive financial support from his or her parents, whether the parents are separated, divorced or were never married. Child support […]

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From Our Clients

I know I felt comfortable dealing with James Hoffey and the end result was that I got custody of my son. He wasn’t like most lawyers who made promises that they could never deliver. I like the fact that I didn’t get a bill for every phone conversation we’d had. […]

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